Soft Services
Professional Security Guards with Military and Law Enforcement backgrounds who are well qualified, competent and efficient personnel.
Consultants with the client to work on System Design, possible solutions and jointly identify the way forward.
Thorough cleaning, dusting, of all floor areas, shafts, staircases, miscellaneous items, furniture, artificial plants etc.
Wet & dry mopping of all floors.
Cleaning and wiping of toilets including its floors, walls, washbasins, Indian/Western closets Urinals etc.
Removal of garbage.
Cleaning, scrubbing, buffing & polishing of all marbles/granite/Terrazzo/ Mosaic floor & skirting areas within the common area of premises.
Regular cleaning of fittings and fixtures including luminaries, handrails, special features.
Maintainance of roads and open spaces.
Supply of materials and consumables.
Providing interior and exterior plant materials and furnishing for a plant maintenance program to ensure plants are healthy and attractive throughout the various seasons.
Replacing all weak, damaged or failing plants with new, healthy plants. Applying all warranty obligations when obtaining new plant materials.
Pesticide Control.
Improvement of Aesthetics.
Parking/Traffic Administration:
Establishing a parking administration authorization program, receiving and processing new requests and changes to existing parking authorization levels.
Receiving parking complaints and concerns, evaluating their merits and, as warranted, develop and implement parking program enhancements.
Emergency Evacuation Control:
Emergency Evacuation Procedures for all situations.
Implementation and management of all aspects of systems and procedures agreed by relating to emergency control and emergency systems and procedures.
Providing invoice processing service in accordance with the requirements of Finance Department
Monthly invoice for reimbursement of Service provider bill payments.
Payment of all bills/invoices for the services which are sub-contracted by Service provider.
Investigating anomalies.
Establishing procedures to ensure only correct amounts are paid.
Ensuring timely payment and maximising discount opportunities.


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