Hard Services


Maintenance of electrical infrastructure equipment such as DG Sets,Control Panels,Tube wells,HVAC,Boosting Pumps,Lifts,HT/LT systems,  transformers, and electrical panels etc. to ensure continuous operations.
Ensure expected electrical and mechanical back-up operations through DG Sets when power outages occur or under any other emergency conditions.
Maintain emergency back-up equipment such as UPS and diesel/gas generator distribution systems to ensure their proper operation when activated. We ensure no controllable interruptions impact business operations where electrical back- up systems are in-place.
Responses to emergency situations are quick & consistent with emergency response procedures.
Maintenance of the lights in buildings, streets & parking lots.
We respond to occupant’s service requests and minor electrical problems.
  Water Supply generation and distribution.
  Maintenance of Severage System and STPs.
  Read recarpeting and hot repairs.
Established service level response goals.
Coordination & maintenance of the Building Management System(s) to ensure proper operation and scheduling of connected equipment for the purpose of energy efficiency, environmental control of conditioned spaces, and air quality.
We Perform predictive maintenance on electrical systems.
Ensure properly trained and licensed personnel to address the range of HVAC /Ventilation HT/LT and electrical services work with all actions taken in compliance with all local and national regulations.

Profac staff of more than 250 engineers, management, financial, legal, administrative and other profassionals besides engaging over 1000 skilled/ semi skilled persons performing security, house keeping, fire services, life operation, horticulture and E&M services work etc. 

Currently PROFAC manages over 5 million square feet of commercial, residential and retail building space as well as entire townships such as Sushant Lok, Palam Vihar and Aravali Retreat in the National Capital Region ( NCR ) totaling over 2000 acres.

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